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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Use Inspire Wallpapers and get motivated

We all need inspiration every now and then. 

What better way than to have it right in front of you because our mobiles are something that we check upon the most in the day.  

Download it from this link.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

How to play Sega Genesis games on your Computer

In today's world where it is getting a daily struggle for many to keep themselves and their hardware updated to play the latest games, there was a time that Alhamdulillah my generation had seen in which life was somewhat simpler.

We played on variety of 8 bit systems in our childhood (From India, Consoles turned up late in here) but when Sega Genesis came into the market, not only did the graphics get an update from 8 bit to 16 bit, rather the content of the game itself evolved, matured.

So here is how you can play those legendary games on your System and relive that era. Enjoy. 

Get the Emulator from here

Get the ROMs from here

Sunday, October 18, 2015

OMG! Words!


It's been a long time. Caught up with life and using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS as my go to OS on my desktop, I have been out of the Linux scene for ages it seems. Gone are the days when I used to have all the news about what's happening in the Linuxverse.

What's new, what's old, Who ranted, and at whom, Unity Vs Gnome-Shell. Flame Warrrrrsssss. Good old days.

In all this, I forgot about the nifty little Elementary OS slumbering on one of the partitions.

As booted it up, it greeted me with my favourite wallpaper that I got from a Sherlock Holmes game and as I was getting myself around different parts of the OS look what I found.

OMG! Words!

To quote Mr. Joey, "Calling all grammar nazis and typo hunters: Put your fingers where your gripes are and go up against the editors of OMG! Ubuntu! in time wasting typing game ‘OMG! Words!’".

So yeah, I thought about having some go at it and then I made this short demo for you all.


Download Link:

Today is something special it seems. Checked distrowatch after millenia and launched OMG! Ubuntu! after eons.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Toshl Finance for frugality

Expenditures are an important part of life, and for some it is what life is all about and frugality: the quality of being economical with money or food; thriftiness; "he scorned the finer things in life and valued frugality and simplicity", is a lost virtue. Wait a second, this is the wrong blog to go into this tangent.
My bad, yeah, Tosh Finance

It is said that knowing is half the battle, and if you want to keep a check on your finances, that is to know your spending and to slow it down a bit in case you are going over the limit, hence check was used as it means both the things that I wrote above. Yeah, I am that cool. 

This service allows you to record your expenses (multiple expenses but only single income in the free version) , tag them neatly, set a budget, present the data in pretty visualizations, export your data (in CSV format in case like me you will use it for free but that's okay as CSV also opens up in spreadsheets software i.e. M$ Office Excel, or like me if you use Kingsoft Office), and sync it all with 
See, you can either opt to pay some money, get Toshl Pro and get a few extra features or be like me and use Toshl like a Pro. 

All this plus it's supported on various platforms as Toshl Finance is available on the Web, iPhoneAndroid, Symbian, Windows Phone and MeeGo.

Here's how it looks on the web:

I have the Tosh Finance app on my Lumia 520, and it works fine 
To add an expense, put in the amount, tag it (and you also have the option to geotag it), put in a description if it pleases you, set whether it is a recurring expense, and voila! 


Monday, March 24, 2014

Squirt, the superb speed reading bookmarklet

I came across this a while back and found it to be really great.
The way this bookmarklet thing is designed and functions, you have to try it to understand the experience.
Installing it and using it is also pretty simple.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Adverts making your Internet experience miserable, No More

Adverts are everywhere, whether you are checking your mails, watching a video on YouTube, checking some random site, doing a Google search, anything related to web surfing and they are there. Some disturb you when you are checking the website, some just hover around and not even let you access the content, and some are downright vulgar and lewd, NO MORE. 

The solution, AdBlock. It's an add-on/extension for your web browser that blocks those pesky adverts all over the web. 

Installing it is very simple, if you are using Chrome, click here , and add it to chrome. 
If you are using Firefox, click here to get AdBlock Plus, and add to Firefox.

Hope that you find it useful, share it with others also.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Airdroid, Transfer Data without Data cable

Many times there comes a time when you want to transfer some data to or from your Android device (Phone/Tablet) but you can't get or don't want to plug the data cables.
Well now you don't have, in comes Airdroid.

All you need is a WiFi connection, a PC, and an Android device.
Download the App from Google Play Store, follow the instructions, drop the data cables to collect dust. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Download Link: