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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Copy - The new Cloud Storage Service in town

Computer users have many options when it comes to Cloud based storage services, Enter Copy. 

First of all, I found the company logo to be especially well crafted and beautiful, and I found the same to be true for the rest of my experience with Copy. 
There is a great sense of style and simplicity whether it is the WebUI, Desktop client or the Android app yet functionality hasn't been compromised for it.

Copy is cross platform(Linux,Android,MacOS,iOS,Windows), I personally tried it on Elementary Luna, Ubuntu 13.04, my low end(Samsung Galaxy Y) Android cellphone and found it to be working nicely.  

The best part, if you signup now using this link you will get 10GB Free space instead of the default 5GB(It is an introductory offer and not sure how long it will last so hurry up).

Installation of the Linux Desktop Client is quite easy, just download the copy.tgz from , extract it, depending on your operating system execute the CopyAgent from the x86(32Bit) or x86_64(64Bit) folder. Done as the rest is pretty simple.

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  1. If you sign up with someone's referral link, both you and the person who's referral link you used get 5GB of extra space. So here is my link :)

  2. my refer bonus 5GB, you get total 10GB

  3. I can highly recommend this new great cloud storage service. Copy has very simple but functional interface as well as fast uploading speed. And only now they give 20 Gb free storage space through a referral link:

  4. I use this service very happy.
    It works whiteout problems across all my PC's, Notebooks and Smartphones.
    Try it out yourself by using this link and get 20 GB :
    Please verify your eMail and install the client.

  5. Get 22GO (using Twitter) with this link :
    Hope you like it, this seems to be the best i have tried.