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Thursday, March 28, 2013

ClamTk Virus Scanner- Simple, Straightforward, Works

We all know that Linux doesn't need an antivirus software(in the Windows sense), one of the many reason why we just love Linux :-), but for people who do have an interaction with M$ Operating Systems, or if you have to make sure that a particular data is virus free, ClamTk works extremely well. 

It is a lightweight software, simple to use, and fast.

First install the software: , then check for updates, you can also use the command "sudo freshclam" to update, then download the latest ClamTk from here , and install it.

Note that ClamTk is available for other distributions also, I even installed it on my Knoppix persistent live USB(the process remains the same as Knoppix is Debian based, the only thing different was that I had to install the GDebi Package Installer to install the latest deb file).

The ClamTk website:
Ubuntu ClamAV Documentation:
My recent encounter with the viruses:

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