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Sunday, October 18, 2015

OMG! Words!


It's been a long time. Caught up with life and using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS as my go to OS on my desktop, I have been out of the Linux scene for ages it seems. Gone are the days when I used to have all the news about what's happening in the Linuxverse.

What's new, what's old, Who ranted, and at whom, Unity Vs Gnome-Shell. Flame Warrrrrsssss. Good old days.

In all this, I forgot about the nifty little Elementary OS slumbering on one of the partitions.

As booted it up, it greeted me with my favourite wallpaper that I got from a Sherlock Holmes game and as I was getting myself around different parts of the OS look what I found.

OMG! Words!

To quote Mr. Joey, "Calling all grammar nazis and typo hunters: Put your fingers where your gripes are and go up against the editors of OMG! Ubuntu! in time wasting typing game ‘OMG! Words!’".

So yeah, I thought about having some go at it and then I made this short demo for you all.


Download Link:

Today is something special it seems. Checked distrowatch after millenia and launched OMG! Ubuntu! after eons.

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